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Death Wish 2018 French Peeps full torrent


Death Wish 2018

Dr Paul Kersey is an experienced trauma surgeon, a man who has spent his life saving lives. After an assault on his family, Paul is starting his own mission for justice. Dr Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who only sees the consequences of violence in his city while his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and a college girl (Camila Morrone) are attacked enthusiastically in her suburban home. When the police are overcrowded with crime, Paul is hiding for a proxy. The testament of his family provides justice.
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Although the abortions notified criminals point out the media, the city is astonished if this great one is a bitter guardian. Fear and destruction conflicts in the intense Death Death action film.

Paul Kersey is a partial person: a man who saves lives, and a man who takes it; a man and a father tries to look after his family, and a shadow figure that is against the fight of ChicagoCrime; Surgeon who draws bullets from suspicious bodies, and the watchman called The Grim Reaper, whose detectives join fast.

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